Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three Positive Things

After all my griping, however justified, I did have two nice things happen. In PT they had put my name on the borrowed walker on a piece of tape, and when I got my real take-home one, my PT person took it off and as a joke he put it on James and he took my name and put it over his heart area and said that now people will know that his heart belongs to me. It was just a sweet thing.

Then I asked Joyce, my PT woman, how long she thought I'd be using the walker and she thought about a month. She pointed out (hey, there's always good news) that I have no muscle damage and no brain damage (well, that's debatable after this place) so it's "just" weak muscles. At least she didn't say "oh about a year" or whatever.

And my "manager my claims" website section from my health insurance shows big big big bills 100% paid and the amount I owe is a manageable amount. That doesn't have this place on it yet, and I had asked the biz office guy when I was talking to him what I might expect and he said that sometimes you get charged a $500 "admission fee" (read: a $500 f you fee because we can) and a $25 a day copayment. Hope that doesn't happen, but even that is manageable.

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