Thursday, May 1, 2014

Almost Dinner Time in the Institution

Phil just left, and I have to say he's quite a blessing. He makes me laugh. We went outside and it was great to be in the sun. All the women are attracted to Phil and flirt with him and I realize he is a good looking man, but to me it's just Phil. He also brought me a bagel with cheese so I won't have to depend on dinner to sustain me -- oh, and more Cheerios and some lollipops.

In the meantime, after I closed the curtain, Chatty was droning on to the aide and in a 15-minute period, she did a one-woman monologue (ok, that's redundant) and covered:
  • Hiroshima
  • A play by play of her mother's death ("and then we locked eyes...")
  • How she would wash her mother
  • How much Ben Gay her mother would use
  • How you can get toxic shock from Pampers
When Phil and I were in the lobby waiting for the elevator, this young African-American man blurts out, "I need to cuss someone out just to feel better." I told him I know exactly how he feels. Now Chatty is regaling the aide with how she can't use the room's bathroom because she is very particular and how there are feces on the front of the sink. Sure there is. So maybe she can be the pain in the ass who keeps the bathroom clean. She could annoy the paint off a wall.

I believe she is a hoarder as well. She has a bunch of shopping bags crammed with stuff in front of the nightstand/bedside table. She also has a collection of juices she's saved -- at every meal, you get this plastic cup of juice with the foil top that you peel back and she has about six of them on her rolling table. I don't know why that shit annoys me, but it does.

to be contined...

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Anonymous said...

I think that everything is magnified at this point. At least your are being entertained in a strange sort of way but mostly, you are entertaining your loyal followers with your many experiences.

I thank you!