Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fran's Cake

It's unusual for me to see something edible that I think is "too much" but this might do it. Fran had a potluck dinner at her office and someone broght in this cake.

Fran explains:

Amy in my office brought this cake for our pot luck dinner. Her little ones love it. She often makes it for birthdays for young and old.
It was beautiful. It's a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Kit Kats surrounded the cake and Mini M&Ms topped it. You are limited only by your imagination as to substitutes (lady fingers instead of Kit Kats
Yellow cake, white frosting....). The cake and frosting were not sweet but boy if you ate the MMs and kit kat with it you'd have sugar shock. A very festive looking cake.

Ok, so how about a scoop of vanilla to top it off?

1 comment:

Amy Laboda said...

I'm in sugar-shock just looking at it!! Wow. But definitely a statement addition to any potluck.