Thursday, May 29, 2014


This is a life lesson I still haven't learned -- I procrastinate about doing something, worry about it, let it sap my energy, fret about it when I get up in the night to go to the bathroom... and then when I finally do it, it takes two minutes and is pleasant.

Well, I had been procrastinating since I haven't done my taxes yet. My accountant knew and said we would either file for an extension or just pay the penalty.

I have been home two weeks tomorrow, and I have done nothing about taxes. So to avoid the cliche of calling on Friday, I called today. Not only is all well -- he had filed an extension -- but he had also been in the hospital and we compared stories. Oh yes, I actually enjoyed the conversation.

When I look back, there was no reason for me to procrastinate. What I was going to suggest is that I send him my paperwork and we do it by phone. What did he suggest? Oh, let's see... that I send him the paperwork and we do it by phone. Yeah.

So that's a big relief. Now of course I have to do the prep work, but the wheels are in motion.