Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kinda feel bad for her

The screamer's TV broke, and they can't fix it. As I said, I kinda feel bad. However, when I feel that way, I remember the middle of the night last night when an aide tried to turn down her TV and she loudly protested her rights to have the TV on as loud as it took for her to hear it.

Think "Throw Mama from the Train" and that's her.

At least I don't have to listen to the 700 Club spouting off about those nasty gay people.

I was also afraid that she would accuse me of breaking her TV. I can tell you that the thought crossed my mind to either unplug it or take the remote control and put it somewhere only a tall person could find it, but then thought of that biblical thing about karma -- that if you send something bad out into the universe, you get bad stuff back times seven. I am not messing with karma and my release from this prison.


Melissa said...

:):)::)... I like the way you think Miss Patricia!

mary said...

that's great news about the TV

Barbara said...

For once, I hope the pervasive bureaucratic incompetence of that place kicks in and they don't fix the TV!