Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Adelyn Ready for Halloween

Milo Plotting

It's Milo's world and I just live in it and report it. So Mary called this "Milo's plan." (For those who haven't been in Mary's house, this is her front door and the one Milo made a beeline out of yesterday)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Milo's Adventure

Mary reports:

Milo has been a pretty laid back cat lately. His arthritis sometimes keeps him pretty sedentary. This afternoon I wanted some fresh air, and Fran was coming over, so I opened the door to the porch, then I barely opened the front door so it was just unlatched.  Milo was somewhere in the house. I sat on the couch for a few minutes and heard the wind kick up and the porch door shut. I went to open it and realized the front door had blown open. I looked around for Milo and didn't see him.  Looked on the porch and he wasn't there. The front door slammed shut. I was sort of panicked as I grabbed open the front door. There was Milo, walking up the steps toward me as if he does this all the time!  I don't know where he went but it couldn't have been far, and don't know why he came back so quickly but maybe he didn't like the wind.

He might be getting old, but he hasn't lost the wanderlust.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

What I'm Reading


I'm about three-fourths through this book which is the memoir of a Secret Service agent from Eisenhower through Ford. Interesting to read the details of many historic moments that I remember but didn't really understand at the time. I'm up to the Nixon administration where he was put in charge of Spiro Agnew. Would recommend this book.

Autumn in DC

Mary says:

I think this tree changed color the same way last year. It's just down the block from me and on this sunny day it was so pretty. The first picture is looking up into the tree.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Birthday Week Ends

It began with lobster rolls and ended with lobster rolls...

Barbara came over for my birthday luncheon. We ordered from the lobster roll place where you get fries and cole slaw included. So we had identical meals and figured out (well, Barbara did) that the reason the fries stay crispy in transit is that the restaurant puts them in a little brown paper bag which drains some of the grease and lets the steam out. It was as delicious as I remember. We both wanted to slow down to prolong the meal.

Lobster roll, cole slaw and french fires - crispy and salty and hand-cut.

But wait there's more! No cupcakes today, but rather cheesecake from Two Little Red Hens. I like the gooey cherry food-like product on top, and Barbara got hers plain. The bottom crust is so good in that it's not just mashed down graham crackers, but cookie like... so you could break off a piece. God, this was good!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Birthday Recap

But first, Happy Birthday to Stephanie whose birthday I share and I can merrily reveal she is one year older

than I am. We used to co-celebrate by going out for Mexican food so I did hold to that tradtion by going out to Long Island and my sister's family and I went to Besito and we all had this tableside-made guacamole that is so good and the chips are so fresh and so hot that they smelled like popcorn. Oh were they good. I had this shrimp special which was shrimp, mushrooms, garlic and other stuff.

Then we went back to my sister's hourse, and I got lovely presents... this very cool scarf from Charlotte, one of those infinity scarves... so I have one cool with-it accessory... then Louisa gave me a mug and Clark gave me this ice maker where you make this big ice ball instead of using cubes and I saw something on tv about it, how it cools more and melts less. Here's one the cards ehich I love which speaks to my hatred of mice:

In case you can't tell, it's a mouse holding a gun waiting for the mouse to come out of its hole.

But my "main gift" as we say in our family, tongue in cheek, is a beautfiul opal bracelet from Scott and Mary. Opal is my birthstone, really a lovely piece where this does not do it justice:

So now I'm 66 and as my buddy Mac says, "It's better than that long dirt nap." And it is.