Thursday, May 22, 2014

Remember the Screamer?

Michele, this woman across the hall from me at the Institution, called me the other day to say I was not gone 20 minutes when the screamer started screaming and hasn't stopped. Michele said she thinks the screamer was afraid of me -- and I knew that I was controlling her. I had told her dead seriously the day she moved in that there was no screaming in this room and if she wants to be in this room she can't scream. I also gave her a bunch of old clothes and about 1/2 inch left in the bottle of my fancy shower gel. I was good to her.

Then the other night, Michele told me she threw her dinner tray out of the room and it went all over the hallway. Makes me glad that the staff has to deal with her, but sorry for Michele that she has to hear it. I am so glad to be out of that loony bin.


Amy Laboda said...

As insane as it was, you had the "right stuff" to control the situation. Just thank goodness you didn't have to deal with it for very long. As it was, it was too long a time with that. It is too bad that they cannot bring in a good psychotherapist that can work with "the screamer." Maybe your friend Michelle can get someone to talk to her, and help her deal with it, at least.

Barbara said...

Is this your ancient teacher training kicking in? I imagine you could bring on out-of-control 5th grade class into submission with that line "No screaming in this room!"

Pat said...

Actually I was a little intimidated by myself when I was giving her the no screaming lecture.

By the way, Barbara, the visiting nurse admired your medicine organization and I told her a friend did it and she said, "you have good friends" and I said, "yes, I do."