Thursday, May 15, 2014

Feeling better at 4:15

I asked an aide to just get my suitcase out -- a big rollerboard and she went one better. She totally emptied all contents of the closet and my two clothes drawers on my bed. Luckily Dr Phil was having a show about hoarding which was inspirational and so I came up with a plastic bag (which I had been hoarding) of clothes, magazines, my Gideon Bible, and a Book of the Month Club book that I read about two chapters in and then lost interest. I decided I will NOT return to that book and donated it.

I had a brown shopping bag and I put in stuff for the screamer -- two tops, a pair of socks (with the no-slip bottoms, and a few other things. I told her I have a bag for her, and she was pathetically grateful. She has nothing to wear but the hospital gowns and now she is going to go to tomorrow's luau (gee, sorry I'll miss that one) with one of my tops worn as a dress since she's 4:11"

What's weird is that I don't have a purse, and there's stuff that just calls for a purse -- like the papers I have to show that the walker is mine, my apartment keys, glasses, etc. Two of my three nightstand drawers are cleaned out and the third one has all my electronic stuff in it.

I also have all my toiletries... I separated the hospital stuff and left it in the bedpan in the third drawer. I don't want their cheap ass generic toothpaste or lotion. Not when I have L'Occitaine shampoo and shower gel


Anonymous said...

Soon, soon, soon! I think you could write a magnificent book or at least a short story about the institution alone. I know how depressing it has been for you but you sure have kept me in stitches when I read your blog. The cast of characters are amazing.
You are a wonderful woman and you do not deserve this but I think it will only make you stronger.
Keep saying to yourself.....CHINESE FOOD, CHINESE FOOD, CHINESE FOOD!


Barbara said...

No days to go! Woo hoo!