Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Lovely Parting Gift

The screamer is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to complaining that I looked at her on my way to the bathroom, she has now said that I have "so many men" visit me. If it were only true! It made me laugh --- yeah, I'm running a hot sheets place on the side... and how these men try to look at her. Well, Phil is the only man, and I can vouch that he has his eyes straight ahead as he passes her bed on the way to me.

Ok, so every morning when they ask her if she has moved her bowels -- yes, a lovely conversation to be forced to witness, the answer has been no. It's now up to three days... and I have this horrible feeling I will be forced to take part in my fourth enema... one in Lennox Hill and two here with my former roommate. The first two were gagging... I mean, I can't describe it. By the time my former roommate had her second, I was able to joke with her and requested a gas mask and an oxygen tent. They opened the window in the room, and I sat there with a sheet wrapped around me shivering for about an hour. Maybe her bowels will do me a favor and move so I don't have to endure my fourth roommate enema.

In PT today, I took a walk outside with my PT woman so I could experience the walker on uneven surfaces. I also by sheer will had the entire group of five or so "residents" all bitching about the food, interacting with each other, laughing... some of their descriptions of the food really are funny. One described our semi-monthly bagel (big treat) as "chewing on a life preserver." I really felt like Jack Nicholson rousing the day room folks.

Even this old Trinidadian woman joined in and then I was asking her about Trinidad food and the most well-known is ROTI which is unleavened bread with various stuffings -- really like a burrito. Trinidad and Tobago seem much more Indian/Pakistani than the other islands. Also, that every culture has something like it: an eggroll, an empanada, a pasty, a roti, a burrito. I looked it up on the Internet and there's a bunch of Trinidadian places in Brooklyn so maybe someday I'll try one. Also this Trinidadian soda that comes in pink and in banana flavored called Ting.

this is a chicken roti. Roti is the bread AND also the sandwich.

this is Ting which comes in a variety of flavors -- it's Jamaican -- this is the grapefruit flavor.

this is the most well-reviewed roti place, located in Brooklyn

Also, this man asked me if it were true I was leaving on Friday and I said I hope so and he asked me to have a drink for him "if that's the kind of thing you do" and I said I really want a glass of beer and he said I should toast him --- "toast to Big Red" and I said I would, and I will.


Anonymous said...

I have always suspected that you were a hussy!


Melissa said...

I bet some of those residents and aides are going to miss you :).