Friday, May 2, 2014

O Happy Day in the Institution

Now that Chatty's old roommate who she didn't get along with has been discharged, Chatty decided she wants her old room back. She told me that "we didn't bond" and added, "I'm not saying you're a bad person; we just didn't bond." I said, "No, I'm not a bad person."

I allowed her to open the curtain between the beds (she claimed she needed it for "air flow") and she blabbed at me while we ate our lunch. Then I got afraid that I had been too nice and she would decide to stay. But right this second, two aides are moving her stuff. One aide says, "looks like you're going to be alone tonight."

Well, at least it's one night of peace.

Meanwhile, Chatty is a food hoarder. She has saved those plastic juice containers with the peel back foil top and I asked her isn't she afraid that the juice will go bad -- and here was her answer... "I make sure the foil hasn't bubbled up and, if it hasn't bubbled up, it's still good to drink." Oh, dear God. You really want to drink orange juice that hasn't been refrigerated for four days??

to be continued...

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Mary said...

glad she's gone. I was getting tired just reading about her babbling.