Monday, May 5, 2014

Chaos in the Institution

Today, for some reason, the three elevators were broken so I didn't get to go to PT. I had to wait and wait for a shower, then wait for wound dressing... and it was 11:30 before I was ready to go. I went down to the day room on this floor and then came back to my room and did work-work. My sister came to visit and that was nice. Lunch was horrid... it was either battered fish or a veggie-burger. It smelled like fish, but the aide claimed it was a veggie burger. Either way, I didn't eat it and relied on a PB&J sandwich my sister brought. me.

So here are some more photos. You are not allowed to have a camera here or take photos, but I would never take any of other "residents" -- just my own world here.

this is the paper that comes with every meal... outlining what you're getting. This is the same breakfast I have had every morning since I've been here. The only change isx what kind of cold cereal (again with the foil pull back top) -- either corn flakes, raisin bran, frosted flakes (always a treat!) or generic rick krispies called krsipy rice. Don't get too excited over the muffin -- it's about 2inches by 3 inches. 
Here's dinner in person. Please bear in mind that it's typically cool to the touch, Ate the pasta, left the rest.

this is dinner -- as if the food isn't bad enough, the spelling is bad too. I don't think Beef O'Ronni is intentional. And who says applesauce is a dessert? Please not a drop more than 1 oz of sauce~!

I get a nebulizer treatment twice a day. This is the machine. They let me do it myself now. You break the two little vials and pour it down the mask, don the mask and inhale. It's all cool steam and you breathe for about 10 minutes until all the liquid is vaporized.

the machine on my nightstand

the mask and the vials


Melissa said...

What's it threat net for ? Will you have to take this home or will you graduate off of the medication? That food is horrid....wish I could send you something. Do they open your mail if I send you a package :)?

Barbara said...

The food really is dreadful.