Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's gotten worse

Her lights were on until about 1 am, and her tv, blasting sitcoms until about 3. Try sleeping in full light with a blasting TV. I think an aide must have turned off her tv, but then about 7 am, it's on again and has been on since. She watches sitcoms and just the thought of a laugh track makes me want to scream.

But now, she has discovered so-called "christian" tv. So I've been forced to listen to how bad gay people are, how bad and strong the "pro-gay lobby" is -- next segment was the "house of horrors" of an abortion clinic, now we're onto christian persecution around the world. -- now the guy just said you can't talk about being a christian even in this country without being persecuted because of the pro-gay lobby -- i guess gays are godless. yeah, they must be. I have a headache and no reserves left. PT is postponed today because Thursdays is "wound care" day -- where the special wound care doctor spends at least 3 seconds (really) examining lets have a pool on the size of my last remaining bed sore. Last Thursday was 1.8 x 2.7. I know it's gotten smaller so I'll guess 1.0 x 2.2

Oh, I forgot to mention... the screamer is bedridden (that's probably a politically incorrect word) so I had said to the nurse yesterday, "well, at least I know she can't come strangle me in my sleep." First of all, what sleep? But I did have a nightmare (really) that she somehow crawled out of bed and came over and was biting me in the head. Yeah, biting in the head is significant because that's where she hurts me the most... in my head.

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