Friday, May 16, 2014

The Morning of my Getaway

It's 8:35 in the institution. I have eaten my last 2 oz of cereal (really) and 4 oz of egg beater scrambled eggs and a juice out of a plastic cup... won't miss any of those.

I have to have my wound (!) dressed, have a meeting with Nurse Ratchett who will come here, put my plant in a bag, put the pictures of my nieces and nephew in my suitcase... I have my WiFi connection plugged in and had just kept it plugged in all this time and I just wrote on a piece of paper to unplug and take it. That's the kind of thing you think you'll remember.

After Nurse Ratchett, I don't know what happens next. I have to say I'm nervous and anxious -- just another change, this time a good one, but still. I am not worried about the ambulette; I'm a bit worried about the step -- I've had weeks to think about that one step. It's drizzling rain... the screamer told me that's good luck to start something new on a day it's raining.

Oh well, here we go. This is definitely a "hurry up and wait." I did save a L'Occtaine perfume sample ("Orchide") for today so I'm smelling like orchids!


Barbara said...

Congratulations on your graduation day. I hope the skies clear for you when you arrive at that big step! (I'm on my way to CT for the weekend - will call you from there.)

Mary said...

Hope it's a lovely trip to your comfy home

fran said...

That's one not-so-small step for man, a giant leap for Ms.Pat. This is the happiest of days. As ET would say, Home Go.

Amy Laboda said...

Fran's got it right: Home Go!