Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Graduationn Day

Good news: Steve the physical therapist was here. He gave me an A for my performance, taught me how to use a cane.  I went out into the garden with a cane and up to my front door, up the steps, with the cane.

He told me to use the cane from now on with the exception of going to the bathroom in the night when he thinks I should still use the walker. I asked him about the walker, if I could donate it anywhere. He said no place will take it because of disease and germs and legal issues. What a shame. He said a church might take it. However, he said insurance and Medicare will only pay for a walker once every five years so he suggested (god forbid) I stow it somewhere for five years.

I have to say I'm happy about my progress, and really did feel confident about the cane. I also have to say I've been fairly diligent in doing my daily exercises with the resistance bands. Check out my biceps!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing! You go girl!!!!!


Mary said...

that's great that you got outside. I hope you have some good weather to enjoy in your garden