Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


I love reading all the signs from the various protests, but I really loved this sentiment. Had never heard it before.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fran is missing Teddy

she says:

I had lunch today with a manager from the hospital. She melted when I showed her a photo of my special puppy friend. Anne couldn't stop oooohing and ahhhhing. So during the oohs and ahhs  I took advantage of her distraction and ate all of the tiramisu we were supposed to share. Thank you, Teddy.

The lastest of Adelyn

Funny how that style of little girls' dresses hasn't changed in decades. I wore those dresses too.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

As it turns out, it wasn't a one-night stand...

Barb claims Fran "begged" to come back for a second date with Teddy -- have to admit Fran looks happy.  Uh... note Teddy's paw... he's going in for a feel.

And Michelle at the Austin march

My friend Jody at the Denver march

A Day in the Life of a Political Activist

This is Mary getting ready for the Women's March. I sent her my scarf to wear on my behalf, and the hat is from Michelle, and the jacket is one Judy (sister) likes.

on the way to the march

On the subway -- this is Barb with the sign

Quick stop down memory road at the IRS where Mary and Barb were coworkers -- yikes, back in the 1970s!


For the next group, Mary writes:

The first sign says "Women are the wall and Trump will pay"
Just realized these are in reverse chronological order, if that matters.  I can't overstate how amazing this was.

Mary says:
Wow.  Lots of great people too, from Oregon,, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Canada...

In sum, Mary says:

It was a very positive, uplifting, hopeful crowd. A very small percentage of the signs were tasteless or crude or maybe a little angry, but overall it was so so calm and enthusiastic.  It was a great feeling to be part of the crowd, it felt almost like a pep rally.  Chants of love over hate, things like that.  I am so glad we went and I was happy to have Pat's scarf and Michelle's hat and Judy's jacket 😁👍🚸


Barb says: Mary and Teddy relaxing after the march. Milo no where to be found!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Fran Meets Teddy

I told Fran the cat lady turns into a dog lady.

Teddy Meets Milo; Milo Meets Teddy

Barb and Teddy are visiting Milo -- and here is their first meeting. Later Barb said Milo stayed exactly where he was while Teddy explored Mary's entire house.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Photos from last week

First is Barb's granddaughter in one of her mother's dresses.

Next is Teddy, who, when Barb is sitting at the table at her computer, doesn't want to be on the floor so far away... they are like the couple who sit next to each other on the same side of a diner booth.

Last Wednesday it was 75 degrees in NY, snowing this weekend, not much, just a dusting, but also seasonally unwarm in Texas, confusing the plants such as this one which Tom photographed:

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Dinner with Barbara

This may have been the last event of the Christmas season as Barbara and I had our Christmas December dinner tonight. We went for lobster rolls, and it was a treat. Hadn't had one since Amy and Nancy were here. We exchanged presents-- Barbara gave me two paperweights for my collection and a box of little salted chocolates which she gave me last year and apologized for being unoriginal. Believe me, no apology necessary!

I gave her a big fancy bar of pink peony soap (which she said she'd actually use -- rather than "saving it" which I totally agree with) and a combination scarf and hat which she wore home since the temperatures had dropped.

She regaled me with stories of how beautiful the Second Avenue Subway is -- how clean and full of artwork. Funny to arrive by subway a block from my house.

So Happy New Year to all!