Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Monster Storm?

Maybe by the end of the day, I'll  be eating my words, but despite the hysterics and so-called team coverage and weather vans of the local media, showing us horrid blizzardy film of what's headed our way, there is not a flake in sight as of 11 am.

What was comical yesterday is one weatherman showing a map of snow accumulations as of that time and the entire map had zeroes on it.

2:00 pm update -- We had a smattering of a flurry that lasted about 5 minutes. That's it.

4:00 pm update - No more snow, but the local news is still pimping, "HOW MUCH SNOW IS COMING OUR WAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

6:15 pm -- Still no snow here, but what Mary says in her comment is true. People living 30 miles north of us have snow. The most common phrase is "north and west of the city" -- that's always where all the snow is. But for us, nada... as of right now.

9:15 pm -- A few tiny flurries, but nothing else. We'll see what happens overnight.


mary mc said...

We had lots of heavy slush but no accumulation except on the grass. My boss who lives 20 miles west had a good 5 inches though. Geography is everything

Anonymous said...

I will keep checking for more updates. Stephanie