Friday, March 15, 2013

four down, two to go

I will still be working tomorrow (Saturday), but the worst of it is over. We have to clean up the room and then participate/help in an event, have the closing banquet, and that's it.

I had said that I wished I could wrinkle my nose, a la Bewitched, and be back in my hotel room from the room in which I was working and someone commented that everyone has tried the Bewitched thing. Wouldn't that be great? I have my walk divided into sections. I leave my room, walk a short way to the elevator, go down one flight and then it's a long inner hallway and that's my most unpleasant leg... it's claustrophobic in a way. Then it's back in the elevator for one more flight down and then at least I feel I'm on the same level.

An old fried of mine is being honored tomorrow for her pioneering work as a female in the aviation publishing world, and she was in the press room, and I saw a few women editors thank her for opening doors for them, and tell her how they owed their careers to her -- and it was just so lovely to see her be appreciated -- and to see people who are appreciative for the work older women have done to break down barriers.

We really have had a group of wonderful volunteers to help us, including a young college student today who is just so full of life and eager to do everything and anything. She was all excited about giveaway laminated business card luggage tags that a booth was giving away and she offered to get some made for me, so I gave her two business cards. Hey, why not? Gee, were we ever that enthusiastic? We also have a woman who owns a flight school, told us today she has eight kids (blended family) and she is fun but no nonsense and the type you could trust to do anything as well. You just know she doesn't scare easy -- just a delightful woman.

Of course, she is based at an airport which was a staging area for Hurrican Sandy supply distribution and she used the flight school airplanes to make flights all over NJ (where she is based) and to NY. She said this horse trailer arrived one day from a tiny town in South Carolina where the townspeople wanted to do something so they placed the empty horse trailer in the center of town and people just brought what they could and they filled the trailer Then some men drove all night to NJ with the trailer. Very touching, really.

So I am keeping calm and carrying on. And looking forward to Sunday late afternoon when I am home!

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