Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fran's Easter

Fran and I were reminiscing yesterday of Easters gone by -- how when we were little, we'd get a new Easter dress and coat, new patent leather shoes and new socks and, of course, an Easter hat. How back in those days, a woman had to wear a hat to church -- you just never saw a bare head inside a church. It was sacrilege. Then, I think around the late 60s, it got more relaxed. I remember wearing these sort of caps made out of black netting that may have some black velvet bows here and there. I still remember that when you bought one, it was flat in a cellophane envelope and I think they were only a dollar.

For the following photos, Fran says:

These were taken on Holy Saturday (the days before Easter were called Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday - remember?).... a beautiful spring day in D.C. These were taken on Connecticut Ave and Albemarle St. while walking from my apartment to Tenleytown.

And some more...
I know this is a magnolia tree.

Fran says this is supposed to be horizontal, but it insists on being a vertical so we'll let it be what it wants to be.



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I think spring flowers are appreciated more when everything dies back trough winter... Not so much the case in Texas. These are such pretty flowers!!