Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Fun

Ok, so here's the rundown... First some pictures from earlier in the week of the Second Avenue Subway:

This building is actually on Second Avenue. I feel bad for the people who live on the low floors of this apartment building as their sun is totally blocked. The Avenues are typically four lanes, so the Subway takes up two lanes and car are left with two.

More subway mess.
This is ground level of the multistory temporary building. Try navigating the sidewalks around all of this -- add in the mice migration, water sometimes shut off, electricity sometimes shut off, underground blasting which I hear three or four times a day and you'll know why I say I hope to live long enought for ONE ride on this subway.

Looking down Second Avenue -- it's just so torn up with no end in sight. Supposedly there will be a stop here at this corner but who knows where it's goiong.

 So now it's off to lunch with Cristina who is here visiting her daughter and son in law. We met at Demarchelier which is this lovely (but expensive) bistro type place. I haven't been to Paris in a long time, but this is one of those places where you really do feel as if you're in Europe. Anyone I've taken there has commented on it. So waiting for Cristina, I look at the menu and spot something I will NOT ever be ordering.... can you spot it? (Hint: 8 arms)

Here's Cristina and we had a multi-hour lunch just catching up as I had not seen her in more than two years and we had a great time. We both ordered the prix fixe lunch. I had salad and an omelette. She had pate and coq au vin. I always order an omelette when I go there for lunch because somehow they make them so thick and puffy... am not quite sure. Oh, and wonderful French bread. Then we had creme brulee and cappucino. Quite the feast for a Friday.

Here's the view from my seat. It's basically banquettes along one wall and tables along the other. Cristna also brought me a lovely candle and some truffles. I wore real shoes (as opposed to Crocs), something that had to be drycleaned, makeup and jewelry. Yes, I was an adult today with the "ladies who lunch."



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the view of the old neighborhood. I wish I could have seen my old apartment building which I do not miss. I only miss my dear dear friend!

Stephanie. formerly of Yorkville

Melissa said...

I'm glad you were her friend today :). Looks like a lovely place!