Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life's Little Ironies

The last time I was in a romantic relationship was a number of years ago. At the time, this man gave me a stock tip that had been given to him by one of his clients. So I bought some.

Over the years, this stock has done nothing but go up. And, over the years, I didn't like that it was the one last reminder of this guy, but when I saw the $$$, I thought oh well. I can bear up.

About six months ago, the original company was bought and I was given the choice to get a pay out for my stock at a set amount or just let it ride and take shares in the purchasing company. I thought I'd take a chance. I orginally bought it for $14/share. At the time of the purchase, it was $40/share and today it's at $57 a share.

I have to say (well, of course, I'm pleased it's profitable) that there is something totally ironic about this... maybe I'll think of these dividends as reparations for his lousy behavior -- and it keeps paying! Sometimes there is just a bit of justice in the world.

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Melissa said...

I love traveling with you.... I always have such a good time!