Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Nashville - Part 1

So here's the blessed Opryland. It's basically a collection of areas, all under what I call the biosphere. You have the sense you are outside because of sunshine, live trees, babbling brooks, etc. but you're inside.

These aren't in any particular order, but this is part of my walk to the press room.

This is my halfway mark to the press room and one of the few places you could sit. So I'd sit on this ledge and rest a minute or two before I continued on my trek.

Part of my walk.

This just about sums up the size of the place. Note lack of any chairs or benches.

My trek began with two of these. This is the internal hotel room corridors before I got to the right elevator.

Delta is one of the areas -- I think there are five, and I was in Delta.

This is the area called Cascades because it had a waterfall.

This is near the finish line. The Ryman rooms. From here I just had about had made it. Go past the table and lamp, and the room was around the corner.

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Mary Mc said...

Wow, those corridors look endless. I have to say that although some of the interior is pretty with the water and such, it has a very artificial look. Glad you got a few breaks.