Friday, March 8, 2013

Monster Storm to Slush Fest

When I left today to meet Barbara for lunch, I almost went back to get my camera. The trees looked beautiful with about an inch of snow on the branches. Looking down looked like a big slushy mess. The super was out putting salt out. I gingerly navigated the steps, and gingerly navigated the slush. I couldn't tell if it were slippery -- couldn't figure out if it were icy slush where my foot would slide or if it was just slush.

Made my way to the restaurant doing the old lady shuffle. We went to Sotto Cinque, rather than our usual scrambled eggs at Jackson Hole, because I'd mentioned Sotto Cinque's $9.95 lunch special where you get an appetizer and an entree. A good deal.

I was so disgusted about work that I did something I rarely do -- told Barbara I was going to have a glass of wine. Of course I'll drink wine, but rarely at lunch. So I had this great glass of Proseco and Barbara had chianti. We were trying to think of an excuse to celebrate, other than ourselves, and I remembered it is International Women's Day so we toasted women all over the globe and ourselves.

She had bruschetta for the app and pesto linquini. I had a house salad and toretllini with peas and mushrooms. Then to continue the celebration, we split a piece of cake that turned out to basically be chocolate mousse cake.

By the time we left the restaurant two hours later, the snow had stopped, much of the slush had melted, Barbara was heading to the grocery store to buy fixin's for beef stew (yum yum and a great day for it) and I headed home to aggravate myself with work.

Happy International Women's Day!

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