Saturday, March 9, 2013

Netflix Recommendation

After a "very long wait" (how Netflix characterized it) that changed to a "long wait" and then to a "short wait," I finally got the ABC TV series Scandal. Oh, I love it. There were four episodes on the first disk.

The story is about a woman who runs a crisis management/crisis solving company in Washington DC. Lots of local street scenes, etc. Sort of a West Wing with sex.

It is really well done, holds your attention from the get-go, great story lines, you know I want to say smart story lines. The plots are "ripped from today's headlines."

What I found interesting is that this is a racially mixed cast with no tokens and no stereotypes so that the actors' race is really not an issue. Very unusual and refreshing.

Each episode has a stand alone plot and then on-going plots/character development with cliff hanger endings.

I'm not giving anything away to say that the main character, Olivia, the woman who owns the firm, used to work in the White House, was responsible for the president's election and success and she had an affair with him and left the job but no one knows about their affairs-- so that causes all sorts of complications down the road. You know all this in the first episode -- and he still loves her so that gives her all sorts of access along with the drama, including her relationship with the First Lady.

Here they are:

Olivia and the president of the United States
I would definitely recommend renting this series.

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