Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kiva Loans

I love doing Kiva microloans -- I always pick women and a recent loan I funded was a 72-year old woman who lives in Kyrgyzstan. I picked her because not only did I not know where it is, I can't even pronounce it.

Today I got a field report that said a local Kiva worker showed my woman her profile and the pictures and names of people who had funded her loan. She said she can't believe that people who live on the other side of the world would help her. I have to say I like thinking that I have impacted lives, if only in the smallest way.

So here she is:
Very cool jacket -- you could imagine it on some skinny model hipster -- well, in a smaller size!
And I researched and the country is pronounced kurdgy-stan, easier than I thought, and here it is on the map:

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Melissa said...

Yes! I love KIVA loans too and I'm thankful to you for telling me about KIVA. It's amazing how it works!