Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Amazing WASP

I hung around the Press Room after we were finished because I was told the WASP were coming in to be photographed. These women are so incredible, lively, funny -- and such true pioneers. I always love seeing the modern day military pilots (female) in their flight suits interacting with them. The WASP were the first to open the doors for today's female military pilots, and today's pilots adore them. Well, we all do.

I just like being in their presence. One of them came up to me and said that she sees my photo (with my column) in every issue of the magazine. Wow.

Here they are, and I took this photo off of the Twitter of someone named Kim Green who is here, so thanks Kim.

They still wear uniforms and are mostly in their late 80s and 90s, but they are a wild bunch. Really. I am just so enamored by them. Today in the press room, one of the handlers was calling one's name because they were taking individual photos before the group photo and she didn't answer immediately and he called her name again and she belted out, "I HEARD YOU. I'M NOT DEAF!"
We had someone from CBS News who was telling us how much she loved these women and I told her this tidbit... that the plural of WASP is WASP, not WASPs because the P stands for Pilots -- Women's Airforce Service Pilots. I told her knowing that separates the wheat from the chaff, and she was genuinely appreciative and wrote it down. 

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