Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Two Obsessions

I heard this news yesterday and I forgot to mention it. You know my obsession with Crown Victoria cabs because they are big, roomy and easy to get in and out of. Unfortunately, NYC wants to phase them out in 2014. At first I thought that meant no Crown Vics after 2014 but it means cab companies can't put *new* Crown Vics on the street after 2014 so that was good news in that it gave me 2 or 3 more years.

Yesterday, coming home from the restaurant, I got a Crown Vic cab and made my typical comment about how much I like them and will be sorry to see them go. The driver told me amazing news. The ruling has now been changed, and the deadline was bumped from 2014 to 2018. I was beside myself with joy.

He then told me that his boss, the guy who owns the fleet of cabs, was offered 30 new Crown Vics, configured for cabs, at this amazingly low price because the seller knew he better get rid of them fast. So his boss decided to buy the cars since it was such a good deal. And then, six weeks later, the law got changed to 2018. So the fleet owner REALLY got a good deal. Now that was a great business decision. And I'm happy I'll be riding in roomy luxury for a few more years.

When Marilyn was here this week, one of the things we did was clean out two drawers -- my sock drawer and my catch-all junk drawer in my bedroom. I wish I had taken "before" photos, but the sock drawer was a packed full jumbled mess of socks, knee high stockings, orphaned socks, etc.

I had started to notice that my white socks were getting dingy with strings of elastic occasionally coming off -- and it had probably been years since I bought any new ones. So I bought some news everyday-type socks and it was in with the new, out with the old. Yes, I dumped totally serviceable socks that were past their prime.

And here's the after:

I confess I have opened the drawer a few times just to admire it.

And this is the catch-all junk drawer. Lots of garbage, some things put back in their proper place, and one item remains: a sewing kit. Yeah, as if I do a lot of mending!

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Anonymous said...

Please send Marilyn here to clean out my drawers.