Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Secret Shame

I've gotten into the habit of watching "Super Soul Sunday" with Oprah on Sunday mornings -- no, that's not my secret shame -- I'm typically a news junkie and remain one during the week, but I've been so discouraged of late with politics that I've sworn off Meet the Press for a while.

Anyway, Oprah usually offers up some self-development, metaphysical, emotional author/lecturer and they're typically fairly interesting -- if you don't mind Oprah continually inserting how evolved she is because she knew *that* (whatever *that* is) already.

This morning, the author, whom I really liked, was talking about the perils of shame, perfectionism, fear of appearing vulnerable (you're playing my song!) and how we can only be our authentic selves and have intimacy by making ourselves vulnerable.

I am now ready to confess my secret shame of today: March 24, two weeks after daylight saving time took effect, and I just this morning changed the three clocks in my home that needed changing. Luckily, the computers change themselves.

So there! Oh, I feel so authentic and free.

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Anonymous said...

A big chuckle to you!