Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nashville Miscellany

This was a delicious room service dinner -- it was chicken fried chicken and you had the choice of two sides. I turned down the garlic mashed potatoes which would have been my first choice, based on the close quarters of the press room looking over each other's computers. I dont know: does garlic breath last into the next day if you've brushed? So I took the baked potato and the vegetable of the day which turned out to be cabbage. A surpirse vegetable, but it was really good.

The menu suggested this chicken dish would be good with this certain beer, and I thought what the heck, yeah! So I ordered Yazoo Pale Ale and I forget sometimes how much I like beer. That bottle really hit the spot.

This was the wonderful woman who took care of us in the press rooom. Here she is with her big platter of fruit so I wanted to make a big deal about her by taking her picture. She also made us smoothies each morning. We tipped her at the end, and Amy said the tip brought tears to her eyes. You can see the big strawberries, and there were also these giant blackberries which were wonderful. Note how it looks like she has a halo around her head -- but she really was our angel.

I get intrigued  by what the different maids so. I guess in this hotel the rule was to lay out the person's toiletries as if for surgery, but I kind of like it.

Rather than lugging my big suitcase up the steps, I tip the cab driver to do it. Here I am, arriving home, with my suitcase already carried up the steps.

I took this as the last hall I would have to walk in a while -- the one right to my front door, and yes, I was that glad to be home!


Melissa said...

Great photo trip,! But I have to laugh at the story about the cable in the k-cup basket! So glad you had such a lucky trip home...youbappreciatevitveven more after such a long week!

Barbara said...

That fried chicken and cabbage looks WONDERFUL!