Thursday, October 16, 2014

Years of Procrastination Ended

I had a fairly good business-type suit that I think I wore once or twice. I didn't want to give it to the thrift shop because it was "too good." I know; I'll sell it on eBay. Oh yeah, I've been planning to do that for about five years -- honestly it could be longer. Today when Marilyn was here, I finally gave up on that plan and off to the thrift shop it went. I thought about blessing someone else with it. I can't tell you the absurd, ridiculous amount of energy I have given this decision over the years... why? so I can make $30? Anyway, it actually feels lighter to have that suit out of here.

As a sidenote, I have also given up on salad bags because they'd stay fresh and edible about three days and I returned to the old-fashioned head of iceberg lettuce. I had a few grocery items for Marilyn to buy, including this amazing Salsas, which she found at this gourmet type grocery store near me called Fairway. She couldn't see the lettuce and when she asked for "iceberg lettuce" the produce guy turned his nose up as if she was asking for dog doo. So she had to go to another story to buy some lowly iceberg.


Anonymous said...

What is the brand name of the salsa? Sounds good. I also gave up on bagged lettuce a long time ago. Once the bag is open, it doesn't last. I prefer romaine because it is crispy. I actually get 3 in a bag and clean 1 at a time. I wrap it in paper towels while it is still damp and it seems to last for quite a while. The other 2 stay good as it is not washed. I find that I waste too much with the individual romaine.
BYT, the travellers look like they are having a blast and I am sure they are. Enjoy!


Pat said...

The salsa is made in the store -- so fresh -- when you take off the lid, you instantly smell this rich, sunny, summery tomato smell.

Anonymous said...

Send a couple of gallons this way please. S.