Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stopping for a School Bus

I saw a piece on the national news tonight about the menace of people not stopping for a school bus when it's picking up or dropping off kids on its route. They had dashboard cam/films of drivers doing the most ridculous things like driving up on the sidewalk to go around the bus or mainly just speeding by. There were a few cases where a kid came very close to being hit.

When I was riding a bus, back when the crust of the earth was cooling, there was one busdriver named Jack. Busdrivers were the only adults we could call by their first name. When a car blew by when he was stopped with his stoplights on, he would lose it. He would blast his horn, shake his fist, and curse.

Oddly, this made me feel very secure. I loved that Jack cared so much.

Watching this news report tonight, you wonder how much of a hurry can you be in... or maybe how important do you think you are... to drive up on a sidewalk?

When I learned to drive, hitting a kid was probably my number one fear. Even today if I'm in a neighborhood and kids are around, especially on bikes, I just totally slow down to like 15 mph. I don't want that on my conscience, but perhaps these folks who are so important have no conscience.


mary said...

I hate that! When I used to drive to work by elementary schools I got so mad at all the people ignoring the school speed zone signs. I think younger people who don't take driver's end maybe don't learn all the rules? Or they think it doesn't matter. Maybe if the buses' cameras cause them to get big fines when they pass a bus they'll learn a lesson.

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