Thursday, October 9, 2014

What Arrived Today

Got two great presents delivered today. The first was from Michelle and Tom and the box was labeled "cake." I opened the carton, to find a styrofoam inner carton with an ice pack and inside was not a whole cake but "cake balls" -- Austin (Texas) cake balls in this pretty copper colored metal box:

OK, so the two empty spaces weren't empty when I opened the box but I had to sample, right? To make sure the cake balls arrived in good shape....

So there are six cake balls -- or rather there WERE six cake balls, about the size of an egg.  One I ate was like a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The other was dark chocolate with chocolate frosting that had a spicy, pepper kick as an aftertaste. Both were great. I ate one more, and saved the rest.

Then I got this big bouquet of flowers from Lane. The container they're in is something I had bought on Ebay years ago and I'm not sure why I bought it. It's an antique maple syrup bucket that syrup makers would hang from trees to gather the maple sap. It has the green original pain and is rusty and there's something about it that I like. It's usually too deep for flowers, but it was perfect for this bouquet.
Didn't arrange much; just put them in the syrup bucket.

These smell so good, and I think Lane said she wanted something bright and cheerful and these are. Thanks!


Barbara said...

What beautiful flowers, and the bucket is perfect. I think the best flower "arrangements" are when you let them scatter naturally. You had a Freudian typo in your description -- it does look like it has had a lot of PAIN in its life -- I'm glad it has a better life in your house now!
(By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

Pat said...

I saw that today when I reread it -- but left it -- that old rusty bucket with the fading paint has been out in many Vermont winters so it has felt pain but it's happy now in retirement with me.