Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Crabby Old Lady

I was just trying to place an order for a pair of pants and a sweater. First time I tried to check out, and was to the final "submit order" button, I submitted order and it returned me for no reason to the shopping cart.

Next I went through the whole thing again, once more at the finish line to "submit order" -- this time when I pressed it, I got an error message that it is an invalid credit card number. Ok, that's possible I inputted it wrong so I go back and when I clicked on the box to insert the number -- I don't know what verb to use here, it would not register... it wouldn't accept typing... kept trying, couldn't type, couldn't delete, so finally I gave up and placed the order by phone.

Before I started though, I wanted to make sure that the 20% discount I had was in effect whether the order was placed on the internet or by phone... told her I was having trouble with the website and she asked something to the effect of have I done this before... and I said that I do most of my shopping online so I am not new to the process. I said it shouldn't be this hard to place an order (that's my standard default line)... and she said, "But did you clean out your cookies?" and I said, "I shouldn't have to redo my computer in order to place an order."

I admit I'm a crabby old woman!

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