Monday, October 20, 2014

Mold on Bread

Marilyn bought me a big loaf of bakery rye bread on Thursday. I probably ate six pieces so there was about 2/3rds of the loaf left. Today I went to make a sandwich for lunch and there was this white powder on the top of the bread (when it was in a plastic bag) and I couldn't figure out if it were some kind of flour or mold. Ana was here at the time and we both decided it was some sort of flour... so I took two pieces out and I see that this (ahem) flour was also on the inside... of course, it turned out to be mold.

I keep my bread in my microwave and Ana says she keeps all her bread in the refrigerator. I really don't like the notion of cold bread -- and I haven't had this problem with bread aisle bread unless it was very old.

So who keeps their bread in the refrigerator? Come on... fess up.


Melissa said...

I do... And it lasts for a long time. I just put it in the microwave for a few seconds to take away the cold....(or putting a couple of slices in a Ziplock bag the night before and they are room temp the next day.

Anonymous said...

Mary is correct....well, at least in my eyes. I do the same and I also put bread, cake, muffins,rolls, etc in the freezer and take it out as needed.

Barbara said...

Some of us modern people, raised on Wonder Bread filled with preservatives, have forgotten that real bread does not last. But I think real bread is so delicious that it is worth the trouble. Plastic promotes moisture & therefore mold. If you take your bread out of the plastic bag, and put it in a breadbox, it will last longer. (I have a breadbox that I got at an antique shop - it really works!) Your bread may eventually get hard as a rock, but it won't mold... but in the old days they knew how to deal with that, there are all sorts of wonderful things they figured out to do with stale bread, such as French Toast or Stuffing, or you can make real breadcrumbs for your next recipe instead of buying those icky pre-made preservative laden breadcrumbs in a jar.

An artisinal baker at the farmer's marke, in order to sell me a huge loaf, told me I could put half the loaf in the freezer and it would be perfect when I took it out a week later. I found that it was not true -- the bread that had been frozen just did not taste as good.