Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nose Blowing Class

Here's another historical photo -- and I remembered that we had similar "personal hygiene" lessons in grade school about using tissues. Not sneezing in someone's face. Washing your hands, etc. In fact, our third grade class play was about personal hygiene. Really. It was a musical.


Barbara said...

Did you also learn to "duck & cover"?

Pat said...

Yes, we had both fire drills and air raid drills. The bells were different so you knew which drill it was.

For an air raid drill, the kids lined up facing the wall -- oh yeah, that was good protection from a nuclear bomb. I think duck and cover came later. I can still do the hand/arm part. My right hand/ arm rested on my right ear and then my right hand covered my left ear. So much for the ears. Then with my left hand, you'd put it over your eyes. That was part of duck and cover.

At the time, on Long Island, as during the Cuban Missile crisis, we knew if NYC were bombed, the blast would affect us.

Mary said...

I don't remember doing duck and cover or anything else. I do remember fire drills but I think we always just went outside. Maybe central Pennsylvania schools didn't feel as at risk, or maybe I just don't remember.

Pat said...

We went outside for fire drills and for some reason I remember my second grade teacher telling us not to get our coats and that "your parents can buy another coat, but they can't buy another you."