Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dream that Has Stayed with Me

Last night, I had a dream about my late friend Katrina. She showed up -- we were standing in the galley part of an airliner (have no idea why) and she was happy and we were chatting.  Then I said, "I thought you were dead." And she said, "Oh no, no I'm not dead." And I said, "Then where have you been?" and she didn't say anything and I said, "You are dead, and you have just come by to say hello to me." And she sort of hung her head and said, "Yes." But she really was happy, and I have had the experience of people who are dead coming to me in dreams.  I don't think I'd dreamt of Katrina.

On Friday, I was deleting some old files and I came upon a photo file of her and decided to keep it.

Typically dreams leave me as soon as I wake up, but this one has stayed with me all day.


mary said...

It's a nice dream

Barbara said...

What is life but existence in the real world? The fact that you are thinking of her means she is in your brain, which is in the real world, so she will always be alive in the sense that her friends remember her.

Pat said...

I don't want to be too oooh-ooooh about this, but this dream is still with me as I go to sleep. I have had Katrina on the brain all day, and felt her -- not in any tangible sense... but when I was making some dinner, I feel as if she was saying "Don't forget me" -- of course I didn't hear it -- it was just a sense I had. And so I told her aloud that I have not and will not forget her and that other people haven't either.

Anonymous said...

I want to add my beliefs about your dream. As you know, I am a practicing Catholic. My mother always taught us that when you dream of someone who has passed, you should say a prayer for them. Now, if you believe or not, a prayer never hurts.


Amy Laboda said...

I was thinking of Katrina, too, because NBAA was the conference last year that we (collective word) didn't want her to go to...I'm glad she came to you, Pat. I think it was a timing thing. Just remember, we miss her, but she's okay.