Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Loose Change/Pickle/Sandwich

Marilyn was here today and I have a jar of loose change -- I'd say it was about a year in the making. I was not religious about putting change in there, but just when I'd have too many coins in my wallet or find a coin on the floor. How do they get on the floor anyway?

I don't think anyone rolls coins any more, but Marilyn said TD Bank takes them for a fee. As it turns out, I had $96 in coins, less the fee, to net me $88. I put it in my at-home cash emergency fund (for when ebola, terrorists, tsunamis or the entire system of ATMs goes down). It really is a painless way to save some money.

I also had her bring me a whole pickle (among other things) from a deli and it reminded me of a story from when I worked in an office and would go to a deli for lunch and they'd give you a slice of pickle, along with your sandwich, which I loved. One day I say to the deli guy, "Give me a big one." I was just joking around, not realizing I was being the perfect straight(wo)man. He said, "Oh you like the big ones?"

"Oh yes," I say, talking about pickles. "I like the big ones."

He said, "I'll give you a big one."

"Great, thanks," I say, still thinking about pickles when some brain cells aligned and I realized what I was saying and turned purple.

But back to the present. Had a fantastic sandwich -- really fresh chicken salad with identifiable pieces of chicken with shredded lettuce on an everything bagel. A sandwich fit for a queen.

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