Sunday, October 12, 2014

Political TV Ads

I basically hate these TV ads -- from both sides, but there's one that's running here alot that I can't get out of my head and makes me really detest the candidate. It starts with that menacing voice over that this candidate wants to cut dental aid to seniors on Medicare.

OK, that can be interpreted 100 ways.

So then it goes to this tape of the candidate being interviewed on some TV show by a reporter who says, "But if seniors can't get their dental care, how can they eat?" The reporter is being sincere.

This candidate replies -- you actually hear him say these words -- "Soup is good" and then he laughs. She repeats the question and he laughs again and says "Soup is good."

It sickens me. No matter what, this candidate is supposed to serve the public. It seems so heartless and the 2014 version of "Let them eat cake." I don't know how a grown person can think this is funny. Didn't he have a grandparent or older friend that he cared about?  Especially when he could have given some BS political answer such as, "We have to look at all areas to cut expenses" or "We have safeguards in place..." or whatever.

Soup is good. Makes me want to wish something awful on him.

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Mary said...

That is inexcusable and foolish too