Friday, October 17, 2014

Last Gasp of Birthday Celebration

Barbara came over for lunch today to celebrate my birthday and we had a great time talking about copyediting and grammar and commas. Ah, and we dined like queens on BLTs from Gracie's. She likes rye toast so  made it easy and got mine on rye toast too.

Really, is there anything better than a BLT?

She had stopped at Little Red Hen for cheesecake -- mine with cherries, hers plain. She inquired about birthday candles and were told they were $3.50 a box and she said, "Oh I only wanted one" and the woman gave it to her for free which we both thought was nice so I actually had a candle to blow out. Then I cleaned off the candle and saved it since I have no birthday candles either. This cheesecake is delicious -- so fluffy and light as you can see below. Oh yes, we also had freshly brewed coffee to accompany it.

All that remains...

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