Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

I've been thinking about Halloween candy today -- wanting some. I got a Miles Kimball catalog of "old fashioned candy" and haven't thrown it away yet. This catalog sells Bonomos Turkish Taffy, now at $1.99 a bar, previously 5 cents a bar when I bought it. I know it will rip out all of my dental work.

Same with Sugar Daddies. They sell those, and I would always start out sucking on it, but when it would get gooey, I'd take a bit and stretch it out... and ditto these days with the dental work. Brad told me he used to put his Sugar Daddy in the freezer. Sounds like a good way to chip a tooth these days.

Remember Cow Tails? They sell those -- theyre like caramel with the white stuff in them in long pieces. They have Bit O Honey (another favorite) and Mary Janes (another favorite)

I was never big on Necco wafers so I can pass those up.

They have Sky Bars, which I barely remember. This is a chocolate candy bar that breaks into segments and each segment has a different filling.

They have Clark Bars, another favorite -- five Clark Bars for $9.99.

Slo-Poke? I remember the name, but was never a fan.

Gummi bears? That's really another generation's and I have no interest.

OK, now here's something: Fizzies!! You dropped the Fizzy in water and it created a truly gagging flavored drink. Even as kids, we couldn't drink it.

If I could wave a wand, I'd like some Snickers, some Reese's peanut butter cups, a Clark Bar or two, and some Almond Joys. And you?


Barbara said...

I'd say, Snickers! But then someone had them at the office the other day. I had always thought it was the perfect candy bar -- all the right ingredients, in the right combination. And yet, having one now, it was just ... okay. The memory was much better than the reality. So I'd suggest you save your catalog for eye candy only, so as not to ruin the memories.

Pat said...

Good idea. I was thinking this is like food porn -- I just like to look at the pictures and fantasize!

Anonymous said...

I'd say snickers too but now adays, all those nuts get stuck between my crowns so if I had to choose, I would have to say 3 musketeers by default. BTW, Cracker Barrel has a nifty store that has all those candies and then some. I LOVE the giant malted milk balls. I know there are none in N.Y. but when you travel, you have eaten in one. So, you better do some travelling soon. S.

Mary M said...

I actually liked Necco wafers. I never even heard of cow tails, although they sound like something I would have liked. I loved candy corn too. And Sky bars might have been my absolute favorite - 5 different fillings in one 5 cent bar. I liked sugar babies more than sugar daddies. I actually bought fizzies for the kids recently, maybe a year ago. They are truly awful although the little kids got a kick out of them.

frsn said...

So many memories. "Oh Oh Oh it's Bon-o-mo Turkish Taffy"..remember the jingle? We used to freeze them, crack the frozen bars into pieces, then eat them. I believe they were created by dentists!
Remember JuJu Beads? Tiny very hard-gel candies that softened just enough to stick to your teeth, permanently I think. I'm still picking them out from my teeth. Also created by dentists.
I loved Turkish taffy, frozen Snickers bars, Raisenettes, Chuckles, those square blocks of chocolate filled with nuts and raisins (can't think if the name--started with a C I think), malted milk balls... My father uses to make delicious soft caramels....
.Two loves have carried over: KitKat bars and Reese's Peanut Butter cups (the minis are wonderdul). Can't get enough of them.
(D'C folks: World Market carries some of the old candy brands).

Thanks for the memories