Friday, October 3, 2014

Yom Kippur

I follow Debbie Waserman Schultz on Twitter and have always really liked her. I love her friendship with Gabby Giffords. Anyway, Yom Kippur starts tonight and although I will not officially be observing it, it's always good to "reflect on our words and deeds." So here's Debbie's thoughts which I share:

“Tonight, families across America and around the world will gather for Kol Nidre, the most solemn and holy night in the Jewish calendar. On this Day of Atonement, we reflect on our words and deeds of the past year, and ask forgiveness from those we have wronged.

“During the Days of Awe, we return to our core values – teshuvah, tzedakah and tefillah – repentance, prayer and acts of loving kindness. As we look forward to the year ahead, we recommit ourselves to serving our community and to repairing the world.  These are ideals that compel us to make the world a better place for each other, and bind us together as humanity, regardless of our individual faiths.

“From my family to yours, I wish all those observing Yom Kippur an easy fast – and may you and your loved ones may be inscribed for another year in the Book of Life.”

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Amy Laboda said...

Amen. Happy New Year to all.