Thursday, January 1, 2015

From the best to the worst

This was last night's dinner... bean salad, cottage cheese and commercial potato salad that has that vinegary taste... thank God for PBJ and typically the (canned) fruit is edible, with some taste, and I prefer it water packed rather than syrup packed.

When theylift the lid off when they put the tray down, I can't imagine anyone other than a starving person saying, "Wow, let me dig in!" This was truly horrid. At least in the other institution, they gave you a paper telling you what it is... and they tried to give whimsical names to things like "three-bean medley." I'd call this "Your cat threw up."

Always dessert -- couldn't tell if this was pears or pineapple, but it had some flavor, was cold and tasted good. 

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Anonymous said...

That dish with the cottage is the worst thing I ever saw. Who the heck picks these menus? I think that all of you should start a protest. Perhaps you all should go to the kitchen and make the persons responsible eat it! I am sorry for the food but I wish you a much better year filled with good health, peace, joy, and happiness. Sending you lots of love and hugs....Stephanie