Friday, January 16, 2015

A Fancier Menu

I'm still on the mailing list of some fancy restaurants from when I wrote for the restaurant magazine. This is from a news release from an upcoming Valentine's Day dinner. I'll tell you my picks... what are yours?

Valentine's Day Menu


NICK'S PREMIUM OYSTER PLATTER a selection of oysters on the half-shell   32
DRAKE'S BAY, DRAKES ESTERO medium-strong brine, crisp finish   3.75
KUMAMOTO, TOMALES BAY medium brine, crisp finish   3.85
POINT REYES MIYAGI, TOMALES BAY mild brine, crisp finish   3.25

THE ORIGINAL TOMALES BAY BBQ’D OYSTER half dozen oysters, house-made BBQ sauce, garlic-parsley butter   18
BAKED OYSTER MORNAY half dozen oysters, parmesan, Pt. Reyes Toma, breadcrumbs   18
BACON BRAISED OYSTER half dozen oysters, shallots, sherry 18
PAT SAYS: I wish I ate raw oysters, but they don't appeal to me. I'd be game for Baked Oyster Mornay.


Choice of: 

DUNGENESS CRAB LOUIS egg, radish, avocado, cucumber
TOMALES BAY CLAM CHOWDER applewood smoked bacon
DUNGENESS CRAB CAKE smoked paprika aioli, arugula, fennel
ASPARAGUS ARANCINI grana padano, chives, pine nuts
PAT SAYS: I'd do any of the first three -- maybe go with the clam chowder

Choice of:

DUNGENESS CRAB MAC & CHEESE Spring Hill cheddar, Pt. Reyes Toma
SALMON TARTARE fried capers, quail egg, house-made brioche
ROASTED BEEF MARROW BONES fig preserves, fried sage, house-made potato chips
CAULIFLOWER CUSTARD smoked oyster, Serrano ham
PAT SAYS:  Of course, it's the crab mac and cheese.

Choice of: 

WOOD FIRED SALMON marinated beets, béarnaise, salmon tartare
WILD MUSHROOM FARRO RISOTTO fines herbes, maitake, chanterelle
SEARED AMERICAN WAGYU BEEF bone marrow mashed potatoes, chanterelle mushrooms, mushroom reduction
PAT SAYS: I haven't had a good piece of red meat in months so I think I go with that. I don't know what Wagyu beef is; have never had bone marrow mashed, but I love mushrooms.

Choice of:

ORANGE–CHOCOLATE BOMBE TORTE Grand Marnier anglaise, orange syrup, cocoa nibs, fior di latte gelato
SALTED CARAMEL POT DE CREME hazelnut-bacon brittle
WARM SPICED WALNUT CAKE red wine lazed dates, blood orange curd, candied pecans
PAT SAYS: I don't like liquor baked into my desserts so I think I'd go for the pot de creme, although I'm not 100 percent sure what it is. The warm spiced walnut cake sounds awfully good too,
What looks good to you?


Anonymous said...

I would have to go straight down and order the three desserts...S.

Mary said...

I don't like oysters. I'd try the asparagus, the cauliflower and the risotto. Maybe the salmon
And the carmel pot de creme sounds great!