Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mary's New Cart

After years of having a piece of furniture in her dining room that someone, someone, someone was going to use, a person finally claimed it and moved it out, leaving an empty space. Mary decided on a bar cart, but couldn't find one she liked. So many of them look like they belong in a catering house with all the fancy decorations.

So I found one that Mary  liked, and she ordered it... and here's the report:

There's a comic strip I read call Knight Life, written by Keith Knight, that I love.  He has occasion strips he titles "Life's little victories" and I just had one.  The bar cart I ordered had indicated assembly required but all I needed was a screwdriver.  The box came on Friday and it was really big so I said "it's big enough to have come fully assembled".  I just opened it and it IS fully assembled!  Nice little victory.  Here is a picture of the cart before I loaded it up and a picture after.

By the way, when Mary says she "reads" she has for years read for Washington Ear, which provides tapes of the newspaper etc for blind people. Yes, that's my Mary. Reads for blind people.  Her goodness sometimes shames me.

But back to the bar cart:


I was watching an episode of Big Bang Theory last night and one of the geeks... the one who is always correcting people was mad that regular pizza night got changed (Thursdays) and they were all supposed to go to someone else's apt to have Tex Mex, and he didn't want that. He wanted his same night of Thursdays is pizza night. 

So the host puts this tray on the coffee table and says "Here are fajitas with all the fixin's" and this geek sighs and says, "Dinner, some assembly required."

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