Friday, January 2, 2015


Early on, the folks here insisted that I had to "socialize" and they'd stick me in the dayroom, which was so depressing. Think cuckoo's nest. I'd rather had gone to my room and watched TV and had my computer and did work-work. So one day they insisted and I didn't have a choice. I told them to put me at a table by myself. The other residents sit there with their bibs on awaiting lunch, wordless, speechless, staring and I dont want to identify with them.

So I'm sitting there and Reggie (see photo above) comes over, seeing someone who can carry on a conversation. I decided to make the most of it and told Reggie we should pretend we're on a date at a fashionable restaurant.  I found out he's been married 40 years, worked as a boiler room manager, went to the movies and dinner with his wife on their first date which was a blind date. Can't say I don't try to "socialize."

I see him and he's always friendly. Asked me for a second date and I said yes. Then he wanted to give me a New Year's kiss which he did in a totally appropirate manner of kissing his hand and touching my arm.  My dating life is picking up, it seems.


Melissa said...

You go girl! Making the best of it!!

Mary said...

Nice. I like him :)