Friday, January 9, 2015

Food Reviews

I give this a D. The brown/black thing was supposed to be a steak?? but I literally could not cut it. The zucchini just is slimy and tasteless and I think I ate ther rice stuff.

If  I graded on a curve, I/d give this an A. I ate it all... macaroni and cheese and canned beets. I actually like beets, but there's no seasoning, but this is one of the better meals.

I ate the sweet potatoes; skipped the turkey roll and ate some of the vegetables (peas and carrots).

This is too close to the White Meal... this gets an F... I don't remember what the white stuff i9s, but it's bad, canned bean salad. No thanks.

I couldn't (really) figure out what the brown crusty thing is. The vegetables are drowned and slimy so I ate the spaghetti which was like typical canned spaghetti with the sauce already mixed in. I'd say B- for the spaghetti and D for the rest.

I ate the noodles (give that an A-) mixed with some of the gravy. I do like spinach, although I was dreaming about a fresh spinach salad with bacon pieces and some wonderful dressing)... this was roast beef or something and I ate a bit of itl

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Anonymous said...

YUCK! I don't know how you do it or should I say, eat it! I hope that you will be sprung soon and back home. S.