Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

This is last night's dinner -- trying to duplicate Chicken McNuggets. Well, I've had them hot, salty and greasy (yum) and these weren't any of those things Soft, bready coating over chopped chicken parts. Unadorned rice and unseasoned carrots. I used my butter for the bread, which I didn't eat, and mixed the rice and carrots with a pat of butter and it was edible.

Mary came up and we went through all my mail. I remembered I hadn't paid my mortgage so that was done'. That's one bill I can't pay online, but it's OK and it's not considered "late" until the 17th of the month. I passed along a book Russell had brought me  which I highly recommend. It's "Hand to Mouth" and was written by a real life working poor person. Lots of food for thought here. Very quick read.  It is NOT a bleeding heart thing --- just a raw description of what it's like to be working poor, including defending why she smokes, has kids, working conditions, etc.

Louisa and the rest of the family came right from church. After the visit, they had to go collect seaweed samples for a school project of Charlotte's. We had a nice time,b and Mary and Mary Elizabeth were reunited after not having seen each other in probably 30 years.