Monday, January 19, 2015

Magic Moment

Mary had brought me my iPod where I have music, and the earbuds, but I didn't mention, forgot about the charger so I couldn;t use it. Marilyn mailed me the charger so I am able to enjoy music today. It's a great way to shut out everything else. Right now, I'm listening to Simon & Garfunkle sing "The Boxer" -- a song I never get tired of hearing.

One of the songs I have is "And I am telling you" from the original Broadway show "Dream Girls" which I saw back in the 1980s with Jennifer Holliday. She was so brilliant, so mesmerizing that while she sang this the world could have collapsed and no one would notice. It is so dramatic and so raw and powerful. It was hearing her that I understood for the first time the meaning of "show stopper" -- the show literally stopped and the audience gave her a standing ovation.

The audience was stunned by her performance, wave after wave of applause. It was like we couldn't believe what we had just heard. I am so grateful that I was able to hear that performanmce live.

(Now I'm listening to Livingston Taylor singing City Lights)

Ever since, lesser singers have tried that song, but no one will ever sing it like Jennifer Holliday did.

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Mary said...

I just watched her sing that song on you tube. It's an amazing performance.