Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Lunch

The hell with institutional napkins; we're rocking New Year's with special ones.

Those of you who remember the 1950s will remember a tasty number called Dinty Moore beef stew. I think they've found the leftover cans! The two (ahem) big balls are potatoes. So I took the 1/2 pat of butter, smashed down the potatoes and spooned the gelatinous so-called gravy on top. Wasn't bad. The meat had fat clinging to it and I picked out the carrots from the vegetables.

Don't want to sound crabby, but this looks better than it was. The white cream?? on top was tasteless so I took that off. I was thinking of Stancie''s lemon meringue pie... just to torture myself, so I ate about half of this.

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