Sunday, January 4, 2015

Reading Resolutions

Barbara sent me these that the Strand Bookstore issued. Interesting challenge.

1.  Read a book that intimidates you
2. Read a book you’ve lied about reading
3. Read a short story collection
4. Read a book before the movie
5. Read a book that is over 100 years old
6. Read a debut novel
7. Read a book that scares you
8. Read a book by a woman
9. Read a biography
10. Read a poetry collection
11. Read a picture book
12. Read a book originally written in a foreign language
For #1, I'd pick some Russian book like War and Peace. #2 would be Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer.

I'd been thinking about a O Henry short story called the Last Leaf that I read in like 7th or 8th grade that stayed with me about a man who is dying and he tells his friend that when the last leaf is off this tree, he'll die too... and his friend painted a leaf and the man eventually got better. I also have always liked the O Henry story about the exchange of Christmas gifts with the husband and wife where he pawns his watch to buy her hair combs and she pawns her haircomb to buy him a chain for his watch. So knowing these two stories I'd probably explore more of O Henry.

I'll have to see what develops with #4, but I've always preferred the book to the movie.One that did it justice was Prince of Tides. Loved the book and hated to see how they butchered the movie ... but Barbara Streissand directed it and I read later that Pat Conroy, the author, got down on his knees and thanked her for making the movie right. Also read Gone Girl first but haven't seen the movie.

For over 100 years old, I'll have to think of that one. Same with debut novel. I'm not sure if they mean the book scares me like Stephen King or scares me overall. I prefer women authors so that one will come naturally. I like biographies so that's easy -- not sure who I would go to for the poetry collection. Have some great picture books at home of the Wild West and the Civil War. Can my Russian book count double for this one too?

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