Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Progress

I was thinking last night as I went to sleep, "I want my life back." And although I do not want to field questions about when I get out of here, I can report that everyone is making noises in that direction. We're working on stairs and tonight the Occupational Therapy woman asked me if I knew my release date. So that's moving in the right direction.

I had this lovely woman as a roommate for a few days and she was transferred to be by her husband who is also here... and today in PT she came over to say goodbye to me as she's being sent home tomorrow and she told me that I was her role model. I said gee, if I"m your role model, how come you're going home and I'm not? So I do work hard, do what is asked of me, always a willing spirit, no matter how hard.

Am still doing a full schedule of work-work which is good. And I am imagining, that despite all this cold and snow, that spring is coming. John Denver had a song about seasons and about spring he sang, Can you understand the need to carry on? So I am thinking that brighter days are ahead.

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Amy Laboda said...

Just keep pluggin' along and it is going to surprise you--that moment when you find yourself home. It's coming!